Tsuneyuki Research Group

Seminar Schedule of Tsuneyuki Lab.

The following is the seminar schedule of Tsuneyuki laboratory.
The first seminar will be hold in April 7th.

Place :Winter Semester -> room 447, 4th floor, build. 1st of the faculty of science

date presenter notes
4/7(Fri) Self Introduction 10:00-
4/14(Fri) Katow 10:00-
4/28(Fri) Ura 10:00-
5/12(Fri) Yoshikawa 10:00-
5/19(Fri) Cristian 10:00-
5/26(Fri) Tanaka 10:30-
6/2(Fri) Tsujimoto 10:00-
Later schedule for Nagornov(Postdoc), Akashi(Assist. Prof.), Naito(M1), and Hizume(M1) will be designated after some schedules of future conferences are fixed.