Tsuneyuki Research Group

Seminar Schedule of Tsuneyuki Lab.

The following is the seminar schedule of Tsuneyuki laboratory.
The first seminar is hold in Apr. 16.

Place : Online

4/16(The) Sato 10:00-
4/23(The) Cristian 10:00-
4/30(The) Yoshikawa 10:00-
5/21(The) Kosugi 10:00-
5/28(The) Hizume 10:00-
6/4(The) Naito 10:00-
6/11(The) Amano 10:00-
6/18(The) Akashi 10:00-
7/2(The) Mizuguchi 10:00-
7/16(The) Chida, Lu 10:00-
The schedule may possibly be changed.